To be recognized as a unique, high quality, selective program that produces well-rounded leaders in marketing.


The vision of the Accounting Department is to develop skilled human resources with specialized education and training in accounting. Since its inception in 1965, the Department has been committed to fulfill the needs of the modern business world by producing executives and trained manpower with strong skills in accounting, auditing, taxation and financial analysis.



To provide challenging learning experiences for undergraduate and graduate students that are based upon accounting theories within the local and global business environment.

To advise students to enhance their intellectual and professional skills in different accounting areas.

To interact with the public and private sectors to continuously improve undergraduate and graduate accounting programs.


The mission of the Department of Marketing is to educate students to function in different marketing jobs by creating an intellectual environment that enables students to acquire knowledge and skills necessary to practice marketing in a professional and ethical manner to achieve success in a dynamic marketing environment.

The marketing major provides a strong educational background for a variety of career options in marketing and in general management.
Marketing people are the cornerstones for company development and are  important for the executive managers. Marketing graduates have many fascinating careers such as:
1. Retail director.
2. Strategic marketer.
3. Marketing researcher.
4. Brand director.
5. Customer service advisor.
6. Social media marketer.
7. International marketing officer.
8. Promotion and advertising officer.
9. Public relations officer
The mission of the Accounting Department is to educate students to function in different accounting jobs by creating an intellectual environment that enables students to acquire knowledge and skills necessary to practice accounting in private and public sectors in a professional and ethical manner to achieve success in a dynamic accounting environment.

The Department of Economics aspires to be among the leading departments at local, regional, and global levels by upholding high standards of academic teaching and research performance, respecting students and providing them with quality education and training, maintaining a healthy work environment for students and staff, interacting with society, and sustaining continuous improvement and innovation.

1.VisionBusiness EconomicsBusiness Economics7
The mission of the Department of Economics is ultimately to support the missions of the University of Jordan by providing quality instruction and training to Bachelor's, Master's, and PhD candidates to prepare them for successful careers; engaging in scholarly research activity to maintain academic participation and advance knowledge in the field of economics; and providing service to the University and the society at large.
2.MissionBusiness EconomicsBusiness Economics7
Our vision is that the Department of Public Administration will remain the leading public administration department in Jordan, committed to providing an environment of academic rigor and excellence, will continue to provide graduate and undergraduate courses that enable students to acquire a strong foundation of knowledge and skills in the areas of analysis, decision making, and communication, and to continually improve the quality of services provided to the community.
1.VisionPublic AdministrationPublic Administration6
The mission of the Department of Public Administration is to prepare students to assume public, non-profit, or business careers in order to contribute to the welfare of our society.
2.MissionPublic AdministrationPublic Administration6
The Department of Finance aspires to become a leading institution in teaching and research in finance locally, regionally, and internationally.
The Department of Finance delivers its duties towards both the academic and non academic communities by preparing graduates who are well qualified to work in all kinds of financial and capital market institutions and facilitating and supporting quality research that is based on well-thought ideas in the light of the surrounding business and economic environment.      
Our vision is to be nationally and regionally recognized as a leader for advancing the state-of-the-art MIS discipline at the intersection of human, technological and organizational systems, through educational innovations, research, and strategic collaborations, and to be renowned for the high quality of its graduates.
1.VisionManagement Information SystemsManagement Information Systems5
To provide students with a sound Management Information Systems (MIS) education (knowledge, skills, and attitudes) that enables them to assume a leadership role in professional, ethical and environmental frames, and to advance their understanding of the application of Management Information Systems (MIS) principles for preparing them to enter the IT and business markets with the ability to apply their acquired skills in information technology and business management to the organizational and managerial needs of the business and commercial world.
2.MissionManagement Information SystemsManagement Information Systems5
The vision of the Department of Business Administration is to prepare the future leaders of the next generation by equipping them with all the necessary skills and tools to help better the world of academia and business.
1.VisionBusiness ManagementBusiness Management1
To equip the national economy with highly qualified human resources who can make an important contribution towards the development of the country's economic performance and national competitiveness. in addition to establishing and maintaining strong strategic partnerships with the local, regional, and international business sectors to mutually serve the academic and development objectives of the University and its stakeholders.
2.MissionBusiness ManagementBusiness Management1

1. Rethinking the current study plans for the years 2009 and 2010.

2. Following-up work on the implementation of the master’s program in IS Management for the academic year 2014/2015.

3. Planning for the implementation process of the proposed research centers which were submitted to the President of the University after obtaining the necessary approvals.

4. Cooperating with the Deanship of the faculty to secure additional teaching halls for accommodating the increasing number of sections in the department.

5. Raising the capacity of the department to 500 students due to the existing number of staff and the expectation of the return of sponsored candidates. 

6. Proposing to expand the floor of management information systems to provide additional offices for new staff members.

7. Equipping the seminar hall and laboratories with necessary
teaching aids.

8. Equipping the graduation projects laboratory with computers and the other two labs with additional computers as capacity permits.

9. Activating the Academic Advisory System in the department by distributing groups of students to department staff members. 

10. Furnishing laboratories with printers and additional software programs in conformance with the accreditation standards.
3.GoalsManagement Information SystemsManagement Information Systems5
1. Enhance the existing curricula for undergraduate and graduate programs that aim to place Public Management students in advanced positions in comparison with graduates from other universities and institutions, locally and regionally.

2. Continuously improve in order to reach academic excellence, both in undergraduate and graduate programs.

3. The Department is in the process of developing a Ph.D. program in Public Management and its different disciplines in cooperation with other universities at the local and international level.

4. Work toward ingraining national loyalty, patriotism, and national pride in our students.

5. Work toward the implementation of comprehensive quality assurance in the academic courses.

6. Work toward ensuring a safe and stable academic environment in the Department.

7. Develop an academic advisory system for students in the Department to address their academic and social issues.

8. Regularly review and upgrade the curriculum to reflect new developments and change in the field of public management
3.GoalsPublic AdministrationPublic Administration6
1. Provide students with the knowledge related to economic theories in micro and macro economics
2. The development of students' ability to how to find the information and economic Indicators and analyzed using different tools
3. The development of students' abilities to solve the economic problems using contemporary methods of economic analysis.
4. Rehabilitation of the students to familiarize themselves with all aspects of applied economics.
5. Prepare graduates a great deal of knowledge of the skills and knowledge of economic and information around them
3.GoalsBusiness EconomicsBusiness Economics7
The Department of Finance delivers its duties towards both the academic and non academic communities by preparing graduates who are well qualified to work in all kinds of financial and capital market institutions and facilitating and supporting quality research that is based on well-thought ideas in the light of the surrounding business and economic environment.      
1- Provide the student with the theoretical and practical knowledge in the field of business administration in accordance with the needs of labor market.
2- Equip the students with the basic skills in all aspects of business administration.
3- Provide the students with the knowledge and required skills that enable them to conduct scientific research when pursuing their higher education.
4- Encourage and support scientific research in all aspects of business administration at both the faculty’s and students’ levels.
5- Build the scientific abilities of students in a manner that enable them to face challenges in business environments.
6- Develop the skills of students in all aspects related to problems analysis, teamwork, innovative and creative thinking.
7- Prepare the students to work in production and service institutions at both the public and private sectors.
8- Provide the students with the needed skills for self-learning in order to provide them with future knowledge and practical advantage in business administration.
9- Participate in serving the local community through giving scientific consultations.
10- Strengthen the relationship with the stakeholders in the private sector and explore their needs in order to enable them to address the changes and developments they encounter.
11- Develop the scientific abilities and capabilities of the department in accordance to its mission and vision to cope with the scientific advancements in the field of specialization.
3.GoalsBusiness ManagementBusiness Management1