The Marketing Department at The University of Jordan seeks to provide a deeper understanding of the customers and stakeholders who interact with marketing services, products, companies, selling environments, and brands. We strive to be recognized as a first-class research department, with steady publication in the most highly regarded academic journals. Simultaneously, we work diligently to deliver an excellent academic experience to all students—one that engages our programs of research and helps students to develop deep competencies in marketing, preparing them to become innovative and effective leaders in the field.
Public AdministrationPublic Administration6

The Department of Public Administration was established in 1965 as a department in the Faculty of Business.  The department provides a Bachelor’s degree in Public Administration and Master’s degree in Public Administration and in Local Development. The number of students enrolled in this department is approximately 482, of whom 455 were undergraduates and 27 were graduate students.  There are Ten faculty members, of whom one is a full professor, four were an associate professor, one is an assistant professor, and is a lecturer and three are instructors.  All together, the faculty encompasses many decades of experience and research in the public sector. 
Due to the requirement of sustainable development, and the need for a well-established public sector that has the ability to use modern technology in order to provide distinguished, just, and transparent public service to Jordanian citizens, the Faculty of Business of the University of Jordan is planning to establish a Ph.D. program in Public Administration.
The Accounting Department was started in 1965. The goal of the department is to conduct research in cooperation with different professional bodies. In addition to preparing students professionally and academically to embark on different accounting careers in the both private and public sectors.

The Accounting Department provides many accounting courses for the business departments. An MBA /Accounting degree was added in 1986, as well as a Master's in Accounting in 2006. Therefore the Accounting Department provides three certificates: BA, MBA/ Accounting, and MA. The Department has five professors, two associate professors, ten Assistant professors, and four teachers. The Department is considered the most important department in the Faculty of Business and attracts the highest GPAs for admission.
Management Information SystemsManagement Information Systems5 
In response to the requirements of the labor market and due to the urgent need for qualified and trained cadres in the field of management information systems (MIS) for various businesses, the undergraduate degree in management information systems was started in the academic year 2003/2004 and an independent department for MIS in the faculty of business was established in the academic year 2004/2005. The department provides an integrated study plan (132 credit hours) that includes courses in a variety of relevant subject-specific disciplines which are offered to MIS as well as to other faculty students according to their study plans. The department prepares distinguished graduates that keep abreast of developments in the field of technology and also skilled in maintaining the different types of information systems in organizations. The study plan was carefully designed to provide graduates with the necessary technical and managerial knowledge that is required to help them analyze, design, develop as well as apply and manage information systems. MIS graduates combine both the managerial and technical backgrounds necessary to enable them utilize the appropriate techniques in the various areas of business management for problem solving. The department has three modern computer labs, which are used in teaching programming languages, databases, business modeling and simulation, electronic communications and networks, applications of information technology tools, office automation systems, and the practical modules of other offered courses. Currently, the department has six members who hold PhD degrees, one full-time master’s degree lecturer, and five candidates who are university-sponsored to complete their doctoral degrees in management information systems from universities in the United States and the United Kingdom. 
Business ManagementBusiness Management1
It is the mission of the Business Management Department at the University of Jordan to prepare tomorrow's business leaders, through the delivery of excellent teaching, the undertaking of world-class research, and active community involvement. This has the major goal of building qualified human capital equipped with the necessary managerial skills, which will better prepare them for future careers in today's ever-challenging global knowledge economy.
Business EconomicsBusiness Economics7
The Economics Department is one of the first established departments since the foundation of the University of Jordan in 1962. The department is considered as one of the Jordan’s top providers of economic research and education. In addition, graduates of the economics department have been placed at prestigious institutes and universities. The Department of Business Economics offers a range of postgraduate programmes across the areas of economics and competition and regulation. The department offers MA in Economics, MA in Competition and Regulation, and a PhD in Economics. All of our taught programmes are focused on providing the best student experience.
The department of finance is one of the leading departments locally and regionally that is fully dedicated to preparing well-qualified graduates for both academic and professional fields in business and finance.  The diversified academic background of our faculty in terms of teaching and research interests enables the department to offer excellent exposure for our undergraduate and graduate students to the financial concepts and practices in the local and global markets.  The department offers a bachelors degree in finance, MBA / Finance, and MSc in finance. Our programs are designed to provide high-quality knowledge and to develop the analytical and practical skills of our students necessary to succeed and excel in today’s competitive environment