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  • 26 - Feb
  • 2024

Seminar on "Publishing Qualitative Research in Business and Management Journals " at the School of Business

As a part of the annual training program for faculty members at the School of Business at the University of Jordan, the school conducted a seminar on Publishing Qualitative Research in Business and Management Journals. The seminar featured Prof. Emmanuella Plakoyiannaki, Professor in International Business at the School of Business at the University of Vienna in Austria, an associate editor at the British Journal of Management, and a senior editor at Management and Organization Review. The session was conducted remotely via Microsoft Teams, focusing on the nuances of publishing qualitative research in the domains of business and management. And attended by faculty members from the School of Business as well as various faculties across the university, including the King Abdullah II School of Information Technology, the Faculty of Educational Sciences, the Faculty of Sharia, the Center of Excellence for Learning and Teaching, and the Center for Women's Studies, 
The seminar commenced with an overview of the seminar agenda. It underscored the significance of qualitative research methods in both academic and professional spheres, emphasizing their role in enriching scholarly contributions and knowledge enhancement. 
The speaker addressed common challenges and queries associated with publishing qualitative research, offering practical suggestions for overcoming them. This encompassed guidance on the importance of selecting suitable journals, and understanding their scope, audience, and editorial inclinations. Additionally, strategies for effectively responding to reviewers' comments and refining qualitative research were discussed. A concise overview of building scientific theories from qualitative data was also provided, emphasizing that there is no specific model or approach in presenting qualitative research findings. It was emphasized that this depends on the research question and the philosophical paradigm employed by the researcher. 
Representing the School’s Dean, Dr. Ashraf Bani Mohammad, the Vice Dean for Graduate Studies at the School of Business, welcomed the guest speaker, emphasizing the significance of the seminar in developing the skills of faculty members at the school. He noted that the seminar aligns with the school’s and university's vision of producing high-quality scientific research. 
In turn, Dr. Rima Wahid Al-Hasan, the Assistant Dean for Quality Assurance, highlighted the importance of qualitative research in contributing to impactful scientific research, affirming the school’s commitment to hosting experts from reputable universities and institutions worldwide as part of its faculty training program. This program covers various topics aimed at enhancing capabilities in scientific research, innovation, sustainable development, learning, and teaching. 
During the seminar, the speaker addressed questions from faculty members in attendance. In conclusion, the Vice Dean thanked the guest speaker for sharing her expertise with the faculty members at the University of Jordan.