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School's Strategy

School's Strategy


To be a leading school in business locally and internationally.


The School of Business is committed to providing high quality academic business programs and research facilities that will enable its staff and graduates to excel through continuous improvement in learning, knowledge building, skills development, and community services while preserving the nation’s values and culture.


1. To provide highly intellectual undergraduate and graduate programs that enrich our students with the latest knowledge and equipping them with skills that meet local, regional, and international market needs while complying with international quality standards.
2. To attract high-quality and diverse students and offering them a learning environment equipped with up-to-date resources to prepare them for successful leading positions in a changing business environment.
3. To recruit, retain, support, and develop faculty and staff to provide high quality teaching, enforce ethical conduct, produce highly-ranked research and serve their communities.
4. To support high quality applied research in business and economics through encouraging national research and collaboration with international research institutes.
5. To enhance business community service and outreach through interacting with key stakeholders.