1-The School of Business at the University of Jordan represented by the Dean Professor Fayez Haddad and the Assistant Dean for Development and Quality Assurance Affairs Dr. Laila Dahabiyeh participated in the Middle East Summit and Business Accreditation Seminar in Dubai during the period of 9-12 December, 2019. This participation is part of the school's process of gaining international accreditation and becoming an AACSB accredited school.


Business Accreditation Seminar.jpg




2-Dr.Hamzah Al-Mawali, Chairman of Accounting Department at the School of Business - University of Jordan participated in The 31st IBIMA international conference Milan,Italy 25-26 April 2018 .

 IBIMA international conference.jpg


 3-Dr.Samer Eid Dahiyat, Deputy Dean for Graduate Studies at the School of Business - University of Jordan participated in the (Global High-End Manufacturing Summit GHMS 2019).Changsha City, China (May 13-16, 2019)






4- A research team from the University of Jordan and Princess Sumaya University won the best research award for their work on Corona pandemic. The award is provided by the Union of Arab Scientific Research Councils. The awarded researcher are:

-       Prof .Hani Al-Dmour
-       Prof. Ra'ed (Moh'd Taisir) Masa'deh
-       Prof. Amer Al-Salman
-       Dr. Mohammad Abu Hashish
-       Dr. Rand Hani Al-Dmour



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