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  • 01 - Feb
  • 2024

UJ Vice President Visits School Of Business

In a move aimed at ensuring the highest standards of education and quality management, the University of Jordan (UJ) Vice President for Quality, Accreditation and Strategic Planning, Prof. Inaam Khalaf, visited the School of Business with am aim to oversee the implementation of exam procedures and overall quality assurance practices within the school.

During her visit, Khalaf articulated the university's commitment to excellence and high-quality outputs, emphasizing the desire to institutionalize quality management and creating a culture where excellence becomes embedded within the university's work.

In his turn, Dean of the School of Business, Prof. Raed Masadeh Bani Yaseen underscored the importance of upholding rigorous quality standards. The Dean explained how a constant dedication to quality assurance not only aligns with the school's internationalization standards but is also integral to achieving the strategic goals set by the institution.

Assistant Dean for Quality Assurance Affairs, Dr. Rima Al Hasan, presented exam procedures followed at the School, sharing examples of various examination forms samples used at the school, and offering insight into the quality checks conducted across different departments. She also underscored the significance of maintaining high-quality standards in all aspects of the school's academic processes.

The meeting witnessed the active participation of department heads, and the Vice and Assistant Dean, fostering an environment of collaboration and shared commitment to academic excellence. This collaborative effort ensures that the entire institution is working on maintaining the highest standards of quality across all academic disciplines.

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