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  • 27 - Nov
  • 2023

The School Business Active Participation in Global Entrepreneurship Week 2023

The School of Business engaged in a series of events during the Global Entrepreneurship Week, spanning from November 12th to 18th, 2023. Collaborating with the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center at the University of Jordan, the school got involved in diverse activities, featuring a compelling Entrepreneurs' Story Sharing Session. Faculty members actively contributed as trainers and evaluators on committees overseeing entrepreneurial projects.

The school's involvement commenced with a dynamic panel discussion, organized by the Office of the Assistant Dean for Student Affairs and Alumni in the School of Business, titled "Entrepreneurial Stories." The session hosted two entrepreneurial graduates: the visionary artist, Balqis Al-Abbadi, and the graphic designer, Omar Freij. Both entrepreneurs led their unique projects, with Al-Abbadi initiating the "Henna and Art" venture in 2017, seamlessly blending art with heritage. By 2020, she successfully registered her own company. Al-Abbadi's artistic pursuits involve creating expansive heritage paintings using henna and extending her mentorship to girls with special needs. Notably, she has graced various celebrations, including Princess Rajwa Al-Hussein's henna ceremony. Furthermore, Al-Abbadi received a nomination to represent the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan in the Expo Qatar for the Henna Heritage. Omar Freij, a marketing graduate from the Business School, embarked on his professional journey early on, leveraging his marketing education to enhance his industry knowledge. His notable achievements include designing multiple Snapchat filters for the University of Jordan and other regions in Jordan, amassing an impressive viewership exceeding 50 million.

Parallelly, faculty members from the School of Business actively engaged in diverse events throughout the Global Entrepreneurship Week, collaborating closely with the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center at the University of Jordan. Dr. Rima Al-Hasan, an Assistant Professor specializing in Innovation and Operations Management and serving as the Assistant Dean for Quality Assurance Affairs, played a pivotal role as a jury member in a competition featuring entrepreneurial projects by university students. The competition, organized by the Queen Rania Center for Entrepreneurship and the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center at the University of Jordan, culminated in the selection of two standout projects out of 13 to represent the University of Jordan in a university challenge. Evaluation criteria included a thorough assessment of entrepreneurial opportunities, the authenticity of proposed ideas, utilization of cutting-edge technological developments, and the feasibility of implementing proposed initiatives.

The School of Business extended its engagement in the Global Entrepreneurship Week through a targeted training session titled "How to Prepare Financial Statements," conducted by Dr. Hala Zedan, a faculty member in the Accounting Department and the Assistant Dean for Rankings and International Accreditation. The session delved into financial planning for entrepreneurial projects, encompassing cost and profit calculations, with dedicated segments on various types of expenses and engaging discussions with investors to achieve financial returns.

Additionally, Dr. Dana Kakeesh, a faculty member in the Marketing Department, orchestrated a specialized workshop titled "Enhancing Academic Impact and Building Personal Identity." Aimed at faculty members across disciplines and colleges, the workshop explored effective strategies to elevate academic presence and cultivate scientific and personal identity across diverse platforms. Dr. Dana shared insights from her extensive experience in marketing and social media communication, emphasizing strategies for impactful influence and personal brand building, with a particular focus on LinkedIn and content creation.

Prof. Ra’ed Masa’deh Bani Yaseen, the Dean of the School of Business, underscored the foundational values of "Innovation, Creativity, and Entrepreneurship" at the University of Jordan and the Business School. Emphasizing the pivotal role of faculty members, students, and graduates in activities related to innovation and entrepreneurship, he highlighted their contribution to nurturing an entrepreneurial ecosystem on campus. This, in turn, fosters a culture of innovation and creativity, equipping students with the necessary skills for the dynamic job market.

He also emphasized the school's commitment to collaboration with various entities, notably the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center at the University of Jordan. Their joint efforts aim to realize the strategic goals outlined in the University of Jordan's plan for 2022-2027, focusing on enhancing creative capabilities among students and staff, fostering a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship at the University of Jordan.

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