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  • 19 - Nov
  • 2023

The School of Business conducted a welcoming event for students at the Department of Business Management

The Department of Business Management at the School of Business organized a welcoming event for its students on Tuesday 14th of November 2023.  The event commenced with a welcoming speech by the Dean of the School of Business, Prof. Raed Masadeh Bani Yaseen, emphasizing the school's commitment to excellence and internationalization. He articulated the school's dedication to continually enhancing its programs to align with international standards and staying up to date with the market demands, thereby equipping students for prosperous careers.

In his turn, the Head of the Business Management Department, Dr. Motasem Thneibat introduced the faculty members, including their respective fields and research interests. Notably, he underscored the global standing of the business administration specialization at the School of Business, ranked among the top 251-300 worldwide according to the QS ranking. Dr. Thneibat urged students to collaborate and be open to others and make maximum of their study at the school emphasizing that the school is there to provide full support to them.

Dr. Rima Al Hasan, the Assistant Dean for Quality Assurance Affairs and an assistant professor at the department, delivered an illuminating presentation on the department's programs. Covering essential aspects, she elucidated the main courses in the undergraduate program and outlined the intended learning outcomes, emphasizing the competencies expected from program graduates. She also motivated students to invest in self-improvement and make the most of the diverse opportunities available at the university.

Dr. Ala Azzam, an Assistant Professor and the academic counselor at the department. With a keen focus on student support, she explained the advisory study plan and stressed the importance of following it. She also detailed approaches for students to connect with her for inquiries, fostering an environment of academic guidance She generously shared information about the support services available at both the department and the school.

The event also involves presentations from current students at the department who openly shared their university experiences. Zain Aljayyousi and Natasha Al-Bitar, offering invaluable tips on navigating university life, touched upon essential topics such as work-study balance, social intelligence, effective communication, and the transformative role of voluntary work in honing students' skills.

A panel discussion followed, featuring four outstanding department alumni, Petra Assaf, Hana Muheisen, Aya Fakhouri, and Ayat Al-Dumiati. They delved into their individual experiences, shedding light on how the university catalyzed leveraging their skills and abilities. The alumni emphasized the life-changing opportunities that unfolded as a result of their education and offered practical advice on time management. Emphasizing the importance of excelling academically while simultaneously embracing the social aspects of university life.

 At the end of the session, students and alumni were encouraged to maintain connections with the department and the school. Fostering a sense of community and collaboration among all attendees.