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  • 09 - Oct
  • 2023

The School of Business holds a research seminar on sustainability in supply chains

​The University of Jordan's School of Business recently welcomed Dr. William Sawaya, an Associate Professor specializing in Supply Chain Management at Bowling Green University in the United States. Dr. Sawaya's visit was centered around a research seminar focused on sustainability practices within supply chains. The visit started with a meeting between Dr. Sawaya and accompanying American students, with the deanship office and department heads at the school of business.

Among the highlights of Dr. Sawaya's visit was a presentation for his research paper. During which, he discussed the importance of green supply chains and their role in reducing greenhouse gas emissions, especially in the context of the transport sector's contribution to emissions. The research touched on the impact of various modes of transport on reducing carbon emissions, including emerging electric vehicles and the practice of slowing ships at sea. In particular, the study stressed the importance of taking a holistic view of supply chain operations, taking into account economic and environmental perspectives simultaneously.
Professor Raed Masadeh Bani Yaseen, the Dean of the School of Business, emphasized the school's commitment to fostering international collaboration and advancing academic development. He underscored the importance of hosting international researchers and organizing scientific seminars as integral components that enrich both academic and cultural experiences. Furthermore, these initiatives offer valuable prospects for cooperation and professional growth for faculty members and students alike, thereby elevating the academic reputation of the university as a whole.
The Dean also emphasized that conducting scientific seminars aligns seamlessly with the University of Jordan's strategic and executive plans aimed at enhancing academic and research capabilities.
Conversely, Dr. Rima Al-Hasan, the Assistant Dean for Quality Assurance affairs, highlighted the significance of hosting scientific seminars within the school, particularly those addressing crucial subjects like sustainability practices in supply chains. She emphasized that such seminars play an important role in inspiring individuals to initiate new research endeavors while simultaneously ensuring they remain informed about the recent advancements across diverse areas of expertise. In essence, these research seminars offer valuable occasions for faculty members to connect with their peers and experts in various fields.
During the seminar, the speaker answered the audience's questions, and in conclusion, the Dean of the business school thanked Dr. Sawaya for sharing his experiences with the faculty members at the University of Jordan.4.jpeg