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  • 30 - Jul
  • 2023

University of Leiden’s students visit

A delegation of students from the College of Public Administration at the University of Leiden, Netherland visited the Department of Public Administration – School  of Business at the University of Jordan, where they held a meeting with Dr Abdelhakim  Akhorshaideh, the Head of the Department of Public Administration, In the presence of Dr. Waed Al-Shobaki and  Dr. Diana Al-Fayez,  a presentation was made by Dr Akhorshaideh about the Department of Public Administration, in which he explained the vision, mission and objectives of the department within the framework of the vision, mission and objectives of the School  of Business and in line with the vision and strategic objectives of the University of Jordan.

A summary on the department was also presented in terms of its academic programs offered by the department and the preparation of students in these programs and the approved study plans in addition to the future plans aimed at providing the department with academic staff by offering annual scholarships for a number of outstanding students from the department's graduates with the direct guidance and support of the university presidency, and Follow-up of the school of business deanship.

 Then, a dialogue took place between the guest students and members  of the department, which included the role of the department in providing public sector organizations, the private sector, and civil society organizations with numbers of graduates of the department, in a way that contributes to enhancing the capabilities of the human resources of these organizations, and that is a translation of the vision and mission of the University of Jordan in performing its role in developing and modernizing Jordan, in a way that contributes to achieving sustainable development locally, regionally and globally​