The School of Business welcomed the academic researcher and international accreditation expert, Professor Mohinder Dogal

The school of Business and within the framework of the Fulbright Academic Cooperation Program, welcomed Professor Mohinder Dogal, Professor of International Management at Western Connecticut State University, specialized in international studies at the Ansel College of Business.

Prof. Dogal gave a session on the importance of international accreditations in general and accreditations related to business schools (AACSB) in particular. On his turn, The Dean Prof Raed Masa'deh confirmed that the school is working on adopting local and international accreditation and quality assurance standards in all academic programs, as well as rooting a culture of quality among the school's employees, and actively contributing to improving the status of the university and its classification on the ladder of international university rankings. The school is aspiring to join the elite 5% of business schools in the world by obtaining international accreditation from AACSB, in addition to developing new programs that are in line with the requirements and needs of the local and international labor market.

Professor Dogal met with faculty in a collaborative session to discuss the most prominent modern global research trends related to money, business and technological applications, and expressed his readiness for research cooperation between the business faculties of the two universities. Mr. Bashar Al-Hamouri, from the International Relations Unit, who attended the discussion, welcomed the future cooperation and the possibility of concluding a memorandum of understanding for academic exchange and research cooperation, in an effort to build scientific and practical experiences for faculty members and researchers at the two universities. 

School of Business
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