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2. WTO Chair Program (WCP) / Jordan



University of Jordan (UJ) was awarded the WTO Chair program along with other thirteen Universities in a highly competitive process. Now University of Jordan is one of 14 Selected Institutions that host this program. This award is an acknowledgement of the competence and commitment of the UJ’s academics. It is also an encouragement to researchers and students to take an interest in WTO and multilateral trade matters, a cornerstone of international global governance. The WTO will provide financial support to UJ, amounting to CHF 50,000 annually, for a period of four years to facilitate continuous interaction between the University and other think-tanks around the world. It aims at supporting UJ and associated individual scholars in course preparation, teaching, and research and outreach activities. This program is part of the technical assistance and training program  that the WTO delivers, with a view to enhancing the quality and level of participation of developing countries in the multilateral trading system. For more information go to:




3. The Competence Centre on “Money, Trade, Finance, and Development”

The center has been created by a decision of the HTW in late 2009. Its aim is to further the university’s economic research on monetary macroeconomics, development economics and international economics. One of the special strengths of the Competence Centre is the international cooperation with partner universities in developing countries and emerging market economies.



As HTW Berlin is a University of Applied Sciences (a special German type of university with the aim to educate and research with a strong focus on practical applicability of academic knowledge), the research of the Competence Centre is supposed to be applied as well. Thus, the center strives for cooperation and discussion not only with fellow academics, but also with current and former policy makers. Research will be conducted at HTW and in particular in joint projects between HTW and the other eleven partner universities in ten countries including   university of Jordan:

The other partner universities are:


·         Belarus State Economic University, Minsk

·         Central university of Finance and Economics, Beijing, PR China

·         East China Normal University, Shanghai, PR China

·         Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, India

·         Makerere University Business School, Kampala, Uganda

·         UNICAMP, Campinas, Brazil

·         Universidad de Chile, Santiago

·         University of Dar Es Salaam Business School, Tanzania

·         University of Jordan, Amman

·         University of Mauritius, Reduit

·         University of Pretoria, South Africa


The Competence Centre aims at acquiring grants for research and training and to conduct third-party funded research in addition to the research conducted with internal resources.

   In addition, the UJ also is cooperating with the Virtual Institute of the United Nation Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD).


4. TEMPUS Project (RUCAS) Reorient University Curricula to Address Sustainability.


5.The University Of Jordan and Conventry University Memorandum of understanding 


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