Bachelor of Marketing / Program Intended Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of Bachelor in Marketing at JUBS, the students should be able to:
1-Examine current concepts of the Marketing role in business organizations and society, and  explain the marketing principles in relation to the product, price, promotion and distribution functions.
2-Describe the theories and concepts in the field of digital Marketing.
3-Identify ethical issues in marketing context and critically discuss ethical reasoning to Marketing and business circumstances.
4-Utilize applicable central models and theories that relate to consumer behavior and marketing in the online and offline to research and analyze contemporary issues in Marketing.
5-Utilize critical thinking and problem solving to analyze business environment and develop marketing strategies based on product, price, place and promotion objectives in different Market segments.
6-Applythe marketing research process to collect, process, and analyze a range of data in order to provide solutions to marketing problems, and prepare oral presentation to professional standards.
7-Appreciate the global nature of marketing and appropriate measures to operate effectively in international settings.
8-Work efficiently within teams -to accomplish marketing projects.