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The School of Business is distinguished among the Humanities Schools

A ceremony was held recently by the University of Jordan (UJ) marking the University's 1st Academic Research Day. The ceremony recognized and honored 120 distinguished researchers from all schools of centers at UJ University, whose work has been an important contribution to the advancement of scientific research, and high quality knowledge production.
Thirty researchers were selected from Humanities Schools, as follows:
-Ten were selected according to the Scopus Highly Cited Researchers list (2014-2019), from which eight were from the School of Business.
-In addition, twenty researchers were selected based on their number of publications without regard to Scopus rankings. Among these, two from each Humanities School were selected, making the overall number of researchers selected from the School of Business ten.
Based on this, the list of researchers from the School of Business, who were honored by the University of Jordan, comprised of the following:
·         Musa Al-Lozi, (Public Administration)
·         Rateb J. Sweis, (Business Management)
·        Ayman Bahjat Abdullah, (Business Management)
·         Ra'ed S. Algharabat,) Marketing)
·         Ra'ed Masa'deh,) MIS)
·         Bader Obeidat, (Business Management (
·         Samer Eid Dahiyat) Business Management)
·         Mutaz M. Al-Debei, (MIS)
·         Mahmoud Maqableh,) MIS)
·         Muhammad Alshurideh, (Marketing)
The honoring is a gesture of appreciation for the efforts of the scholars which have contributed to improving the university's position in global rankings.
The ceremony was organized by the Deanship of Academic Research in cooperation with the Accreditation and Quality Assurance Center. The honored scholars are the most cited researchers according to Scopes database for the period 2104 – 2019 (30 scholars from the health, scientific and humanities schools were recognized), in addition to 10 distinguished young scholars and 14 outstanding students who were nominated by their schools.