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Program Specifications

Master of Business Informatics / Program Overview

Ø Background to the program and subject area:
The Master’s program in” Business Informatics’, is one of the graduate programs that are offered globally. It comprises two main parts namely; Business Management and Business Technology. It is offered widely at some European universities in particular. The program presents a balanced mixture of business and technology skills that are sought after by managers and team leaders alike in the modern business realm that heavily depend on understanding of business and technology. It was designed for people who need to acquire both the knowledge and skills required for successful professional managers of businesses at the middle or top level management. Those managers would also need to be proficient in the application and utilization of available information technologies. The graduates of the program could possibly work as system analysts and consultants who are capable of detailing the strategic application of information technology and who understand organizations and their businesses and the scope and limitations of investing in information technology. The learner will enhance his/her capability of solving problems in different business situations and how to act as part of a team for developing or outsourcing required information systems and using those systems to increase personal and organizational productivity. The skills and knowledge that can be gained from attending this program are considered fundamental for knowledge workers who would like to excel in performing the business activities they would be involved in.Some of the areas covered in the Business Informatics program are:
-       Analyzing commercial business processes.
-       Understanding and building new innovative business models.
-       Business Intelligence and analytics.
-       Decision Support Systems for businesses.
-       System Analysis and how to be part of the team to develop systems following business analyses.
-       Security Management of business information.
-       Information management and project management of information technology.
Ø Vision statements of the program:
“To be nationally and regionally recognized as a leader for advancing the state-of-the-art of the MIS discipline at the intersection of human, technological and organizational systems, through educational innovations, research, and strategic collaborations, and be renowned for the high quality of its BSc and MSc graduates”.
Ø Mission statements of the program:
“To provide BSc in MIS (Management Information Systems) and MSc in Business Informatics students with a sound MIS education (knowledge, skills, and attitudes) that enables them to assume a leadership role in professional, ethical and environmental frames, and to advance their understanding of the application of Information Systems principles for preparing them to enter the IT and business markets with the ability to apply their acquired skills in information technology and business management to the organizational and managerial needs of the business and commercial world”.
Ø Program Aims:
The MSc program in “Business Informatics” aims to accomplish the following:
1.    Qualifying information technology specialized competent managers and developing their problem-solving and decision-making capabilities.
2.    Enabling specialized individuals in the information technology fields to enhance enterprise intelligence through the utilization of information technology systems and data analysis.
3.    Providing the local and regional markets with competent specialists for information technological projects and for business technological solutions.
4.    Motivating specialists for business entrepreneurship in the fields of information technology.
5.    Developing research capabilities in the fields of information systems and technology.