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Program Specifications

Master in Finance/MSc / Program Learning Outcome Mapping Matrix

Learning outcome Course code
PLO 6...
(1603701)  Statistics and Quantitative Methods in Finance
provides the background for Empirical Research in Finance
empirical papers with an emphasis on statistical and econometric methods
(1603704) Corporate Finance
 the time value of money and capital budgeting techniques
uncertainty and the trade-off between risk and return
security market efficiency
optimal capital structure
dividend policy decisions.
(1603732) Money and Capital Markets
provides an integrated analytical framework for understanding the effects of economic forces and economic policy on key financial market variables that determine the success of business strategies and present risks to firms or individuals from changes in interest rates equity values, and exchange rates
(1601601)  Applied statistic for Business Administration
making statistical applications more efficient in business administration through emphasizing statistical thinking and explaining results and not only focusing on statistical and mathematical techniques
using statistical packages to save time consumed in calculations
familiarize students with dealing with statistical techniques
(1603708) Derivatives and Financial Engineering
valuation of futures contracts on stock indices, on commodities and Treasury instruments;
the valuation of options
empirical evidence; strategies with respect to these assets;
dynamic asset allocation strategies, of which portfolio insurance
(1603705) Valuation and Security Analysis
develop skills in finding recent material thus enhancing their ability to remain current throughout their professional careers.
(1603706) The Corporate Governance
The practices related to boards and committee independence, experience, compensation, external consultants
frequency of elections and whether they are supportive of shareowner protection
importance of creating a strong corporate code of ethics with regard to related-party transactions and personal use of company assets.
(1603707) Jordan Securities law
describes how the current legal environment and government regulation impact today's business decisions.
addresses how the legal environment is related to professional ethics and social responsibility
reviews the regulations that guide initiating various forms of business.
the corporate structures and duties of officers and directors.
raising the capital, shareholders rights, and other issues related to mergers and dissolutions.
(1603731) International Financial Management
corporate strategy and the decision to invest abroad
Covered forecasting exchange rates, international
Covered international portfolio diversification, managing exchange risk.
taxation issues, cost of capital,
financial structure in the multinational firm
sources of financing.
(1603709) Venture Capital and Private Equity Investment
Give an overview of the private equity and venture capital industry in different regions in the world
provides the foundation on general investment terms and structure
equity and debt classes, valuation approaches,
due diligence processes and exit/divestment strategies.
(1603710) Islamic Finance
understanding of the essentials Islamic Finance
equipped to effectively structure Islamic solutions for clients.
(1603711) Corporate Risk Management
Discuss the various economic, business and financial factors that affect corporate credit
Evaluation of a corporation’s debt servicing ability and likelihood of default
(1603734) Financial Analysis
the skills of effective financial statement analysis to meet the challenge of the competitive business world
broad business career interests as well as those specializing in the accounting and finance field
(1603713) Real Estate Investment
Basic project evaluation, financing strategies
covered capital markets issues related to real estate
(1603733) Portfolio Theory
creating optimal asset allocation strategies using a diverse range of asset classes and cost basis
assess alternative assets and the evidence relating to their use in investment portfolio strategies
structure tax efficient as well as socially responsible portfolio strategies while seeking to achieve above average performance.
(1607705) Econometrics
discusses methods of estimation and inference are developed for the classical regression model
discuss  the generalized regression model
Discuss basic time-series models
Discuss the simultaneous equations systems
(1602720) Managerial Accounting
Cover product costing, emphasizing costing approaches used in today's business environments
Discuss the relevant costs for decision analysis, variance analysis
divisional performance evaluation, and transfer pricing