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Program Specifications

Master in Finance/MSc / Program Intended Learning Outcomes

At the successful completion of the Master Program in Finance should be able to:
1- Evaluate all available information and knowledge in business environment.
2- Adapt autonomy, accountability and continuous self-development in analyzing and performing major financial tasks at their work places.
3- Develop advanced problem solving and analytical skills through exposure to real-life case studies.
4- Apply advanced and effective oral and writing communication skills, using information technology to write highly developed written materials on sophisticated
issues in Finance.
5- Assess financial contemporary issues to reflect financial ethics and corporate social
6- Adhere to leadership and direction skills to complex financial environment sceneries.
7- Prepare and present oral presentation to professional standards.
8- Work effectively, respectfully, ethically and professionally with people of diverse ethnic, cultural, gender and other backgrounds and with people with different organizational roles, social affiliations and personalities
9- Evaluate the current status of research and practices in finance field and discuss
potential ways to contribute to the field.
10- Write a thesis to an academic standard that contributes to further knowledge and understanding in finance field. (Thesis Track)
11- Discuss appropriate sources of information, and choose suitable analytical methods to integrate knowledge from finance and different related fields, by implementing cognitive skills to think critically.
12- Write a research proposal to a professional standard that contribute to the knowledge in finance discipline and other related fields.