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Program Specifications

Master of Finance MBA / Program Intended Learning Outcomes

At the successful completion of the Master Program of Business Administration in Finance (MBA in Finance)the student should be able to:
1. Evaluate all available information and knowledge in the business environment.
2. Apply advanced and effective oral and writing communication skills, using technologies, to communicate effectively with academic and professional peers.
3. Develop advanced problem solving and analytical skills through exposure to real-life case studies.
4. Assess business contemporary issues to reflect business ethics and corporate social responsibility.
5. Exhibit the leadership capacity and teamwork skills in complex financial environment for business decision making.
6. Prepare and present oral presentation to professional standards.
7. Adapt autonomy, accountability and continuous self-development in analyzing and performing major administrative tasks at their work places.
8. Analyze financial reports for individuals and/or organizations by applying financial mathematics and statistics.
9. Work effectively, respectfully, ethically and professionally with people of diverse ethnic, cultural, gender and other backgrounds and with people with different organizational roles, social affiliations and personalities.
10. Write a thesis to an academic standard that contributes to further knowledge and understanding in a related specialized field. (Thesis Track)
11. Write a research proposal to an academic standard that expands knowledge a related specialized field.