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Program Specifications

Master in Business Administration (MBA)Accounting / Program Overview

Ø Background to the program and subject area:
The program covers the entire theoretical and practical aspects of different accounting subjects: Financial, Managerial, International Accounting, and Auditing as well as all other subjects related to the science of accounting, in which are in line with the job market needs.
Ø Vision statements of the program:
Improving human capital in areas of teaching and training that are specific to the field of accounting. The division aspired to tackle contemporary market needs by facilitating managerial implementation and providing a highly capable workforce in the field of accounting, auditing, taxation and financial analysis. Meanwhile, keeping up with scientific advancement in theoretical and practical accounting and contributing to serving the local communities and preparing practical scientific studies.
Ø Mission statements of the program:
The accounting division’s mission is to educate students and increase their preparedness to work in different areas of accounting, through creating a critical thinking environment that would enable students to acquire the knowledge and skill-sets needed to practice accounting in both the private and public sectors. This is done in a highly professional and ethical manner to achieve steady success rates in the changing world of accounting, while contributing to the enrichment of knowledge through advanced scientific research.
Ø Program Aims:
1.    Providing university students and students of higher education with the relevant expertise that focus on the application of accounting theories in the contexts of local and international trade.
2.    Guiding students to develop their practical and theoretical skills in the field of accounting.
3.    Interacting with both the private and public sectors to continue enhancing accounting programs for universities and in higher education.
4.    Increasing awareness of modern scientific knowledge.
5.    Preparing scientific researches in cooperation with the private and public sectors.