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Program Specifications

Bachelor of Marketing / Employability

Ø Potential Careers
Marketing is a very enjoyable career, and the specialization of the student in the marketing department will give him the opportunity to join the most popular disciplines at the University of Jordan and in other universities. The reason for this popularity is the multitude of opportunities to get a job in the future. The marketing profession provides the person with a range of activities, responsibilities and tremendous opportunities to deal with people in a professional way. Marketing is often considered one of the best training grounds to become a company of the best companies. Specialization in Marketing the student provides a strong academic background for a variety of career choices in marketing, public administration and marketing staff. They are the cornerstones of the company's development and are of great importance to executives. Marketing graduates have many of the following fun jobs:
 1.    Retail Manager.
2.    Strategic Marketer.
3.    Marketing Researcher.
4.    Brand Manager.
5.    Customer Service Consultant.
6.    Specialist for social media.
7.    Pr manager
8.    Marketing manager