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Program Specifications

Bachelor of Public Administration / Program Intended Learning Outcomes

At the successful completion of the Bachelor Program in Public Administration (PA) the student should be able to:
1. Identify main aspects of PA related to public sector management hierarchy,organizational behaviors, total quality management, and legislative and regulatory processes.
2. Evaluate different aspects of public budgets, budgeting and fiscal policies management, and analyzing and evaluating methods of securing public funds and the techniques used by the government in managing public funds.
3. Identify different social, economic and development issues within PA environment.
4. Identify and analyze supervisory and leadership behaviors in PA, and evaluate the ethical implications of PA.
5. Examine contemporary concepts related to globalization, crises management, domestic product, markets, national income, international trade, and economic
6. Utilize Information Technology in PA (electronic governments).
7. Employ critical thinking and problem-solving skills in PA and provide scholars with effective scientific research skills and methodologies to solve problems and making decisions as potential management.
8. Show effective communication and leadership skills through projects and course assignment presentations.
9. Identify ethical issues in PA context and critically discuss ethical reasoning to administration circumstances.
10. Develop oral and written communication skills using appropriate technologies to elaborate information related to PA.