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Department of Public Administration

The Department of Public Administration was established in 1965 as a department in the Faculty of Business.  The department provides a Bachelor’s degree in Public Administration and Master’s degree in Public Administration and in Local Development. The number of students enrolled in this department is approximately 482, of whom 455 were undergraduates and 27 were graduate students.  There are Ten faculty members, of whom one is a full professor, four were an associate professor, one is an assistant professor, and is a lecturer and three are instructors.  All together, the faculty encompasses many decades of experience and research in the public sector. 
Due to the requirement of sustainable development, and the need for a well-established public sector that has the ability to use modern technology in order to provide distinguished, just, and transparent public service to Jordanian citizens, the Faculty of Business of the University of Jordan is planning to establish a Ph.D. program in Public Administration.