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  • 05 - Jan
  • 2023

The school of Business participates in the Harir Tech workshop to support cancer patients.

A group of volunteer students from the School of Business participated in the Harir Tech workshop, in cooperation with Harir for Community Development, under the patronage of his excellency the Minister of Digital Economy and Entrepreneurship, Mr. Ahmed Al-Hananda. The workshop was held at the Ideas Factory (one of the Crown Prince Foundation's initiatives) in the Hussein Business Park. The workshop aimed to teach children with cancer and members of the local community about the 3D printer and how it works and can be used. the volunteer students helped the participating children by using a 3D printer to print drawings and figures on computers. Harir Tech aiming to offer an advanced version of the workshop to children to teach them about technology, its benefits, and to develop their intellectual skills.

The Dean of the School of Business, Prof. Dr. Ra'ed Masa'deh Bani Yaseen, emphasized the importance of participating in such workshops because of their positive impact on the local community and in developing the volunteer students' skills. Mr. Nihad Al-Dabbas, General Manager of the Harir Foundation, emphasized his support for the children and the importance of the integration of sick children into society. Highlighting that Harir will always seek to continue supporting children's education at all levels. The Director of the Idea Factory, Mr. Ismail Hakki, stressed the factory's interest in teaching children about the use of digital tools and their manufacturing.  He added that the idea factory aims to strengthen partnerships with the private sector, civil society, and other institutions which support similar development goals

Dr. Nura Musa Al-Lawzi, Assistant Dean for Student Affairs at the school of business, who accompanied the students to attend this workshop, stressed the importance of continuing this humanitarian work and different volunteer activities in the future to serve the local community inside and outside the university