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collapse Course Level : Bachelor
Course TitleProgramCourse Outline
Economic Feasibility Studies 1607362 Bachelor of Business Economics
مخطط جدوى الكتروني 22.pdf    
1607110 PRINCIPLES OF MICROECONOMICSBachelor of Business Economics
Updated-Syllabus - Principles of Microeconomics-1st 2021-2022.pdf    
1607111 PRINCIPLES OF MACROECONOMICSBachelor of Business Economics
Principles of Macroeconomics.pdf    
1607115 INTRODUCTION TO MATHEMATICAL ECONOMICSBachelor of Business Economics
منهاج مدخل اقتصاد رياضي 2022-2023 1 (1).pdf    
1607150 PRINCIPLES OF STATISTICSBachelor of Business Economics
Principles of Statistic.pdf    
1607210 MICROECONOMIC THEORYBachelor of Business Economics
Updated-E-Syllabus- Microeconomics Theory- 1st sem 2021-2022.pdf    
1607211 MACROECONOMIC THEORYBachelor of Business Economics
Macroeconomic Theory.pdf    
Introduction to Game Theory and its Applications.pdf    
1607220 PUBLIC FINANCEBachelor of Business Economics
Syllabus Public Finance 1607220.pdf    
1607223 LABOR ECONOMICSBachelor of Business Economics
E-Syllabus- 1607223 Labor Economics 2022 (2).pdf    
1607225 INDUSTRIAL ECONOMICSBachelor of Business Economics
Industrial Economics.pdf    
1607250 STATISTICAL ANALYSISBachelor of Business Economics
التحليل الاحصائي.pdf    
1607311 SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH IN ECONOMICSBachelor of Business Economics
Syllabus-Research methods in Economics_1607311.pdf    
1607320 THE JORDANIAN ECONOMYBachelor of Business Economics
Jordanian Economy.pdf    
1607326 COMPETITIVENESSBachelor of Business Economics
Competitiveness (1607326).pdf    
1607330 INTERNATIONAL TRADE THEORYBachelor of Business Economics
International Trade-22.pdf    
1607335 COMPETITION AND ECONOMIC REGULATIONBachelor of Business Economics
Competition and Economic Regulation.pdf    
1607341 MATHEMATICAL ECONOMICSBachelor of Business Economics
Syllabus 1607341 Mathematical Economics 211.pdf    
1607350 APPLIED STATISTICSBachelor of Business Economics
Applied Statistics 1607350.pdf    
1607352 SAMPLING: THEORY AND APPLICATIONBachelor of Business Economics
Sampling Theory and its Applications 1607352.pdf    
1607371 ISLAMIC ECONOMICSBachelor of Business Economics
مخطط مادة اقتصاد إسلامي 1607371.pdf    
1607411 CONTEMPORARY ECONOMIC ISSUES Bachelor of Business Economics
Contemporary Economic Issues Syllabus.pdf    
1607413 HISTORY OF ECONOMIC THOUGHTBachelor of Business Economics
مخطط مادة تاريخ الفكر 1607413.pdf    
1607415 ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENTBachelor of Business Economics
1607415 Economic Development Syllabus (1).pdf    
1607421 MANAGERIAL ECONOMICSBachelor of Business Economics
SyllabusManegerial 1607421-211.pdf    
1607431 INTERNATIONAL FINANCEBachelor of Business Economics
International Finance-22.pdf    
1607435 INTERNTIONAL TRADE POLICIES AND SYSTEMSBachelor of Business Economics
Policies and Systems of International Trade 1607435.pdf    
1607440 ECONOMETRICSBachelor of Business Economics
E-Syllabus Econometrics 2023.pdf    
1607460 FINANCIAL ECONOMICSBachelor of Business Economics
1607460 Financial economics Syllabus.pdf    
1637212 MONEY AND BANKINGBachelor of Business Economics
E-Syllabus Money and Banking2023.pdf    
collapse Course Level : Master
Course TitleProgramCourse Outline
( 1607711) International Monetary SystemMA Degree in Business Economics Not Uploded
( 1607701) Microeconomics ( 3 Cr)MA Degree in Business Economics Not Uploded
( 1607702 ) MacroeconomicsMA Degree in Business Economics
1607702 Macro Theory.pdf    
( 1607703 )Theory of International Trade MA Degree in Business Economics
E-International Trade Theory.pdf    
( 1607704) Monetary TheoryMA Degree in Business Economics
1607704 Monetary Theory.pdf    
( 1607705 ) Econometrics MA Degree in Business Economics
1607705 Econometrics.pdf    
( 1607710) Economic DevelopmentMA Degree in Business Economics
مخطط مادة تنمية اقتصادية ماجستير.pdf    
( 1607712 ) Mathematical EconomicsMA Degree in Business Economics
Mathematical Economics 712 Syllabus 2021.2022.pdf    
( 1607713) Microeconomic CompetitivenessMA Degree in Business Economics Not Uploded
(1607707) Financial Economics MA Degree in Business Economics
(1607714) Project AppraisalMA Degree in Business Economics Not Uploded
collapse Course Level : Doctorate
Course TitleProgramCourse Outline
1607905 Econometrics (3 Cr)PhD inBusiness Economics
1607906 Financial Economics (3 Cr)PhD inBusiness Economics
Financial Economics Ph.D 2022.pdf    
1607901 Microeconomics (3 Cr)PhD inBusiness EconomicsNot Uploded
1607902 Macroeconomics (3 Cr) PhD inBusiness Economics
E-Syllabus EN Macroeconomic Theory 2020.pdf    
1607904 Monetary theoryPhD inBusiness Economics
1607904 Monetary Theory.pdf    
1607904 Monetary TheoryPhD inBusiness EconomicsNot Uploded
1607907 Fiscal and Monetary Policies (3 Cr)PhD inBusiness EconomicsNot Uploded
1607911 Selected topics in Financial Economics (3 Cr) PhD inBusiness EconomicsNot Uploded
1607912 Selected Topics in Monetary Economies (3 Cr)PhD inBusiness EconomicsNot Uploded
1607913 International Finance (3 Cr)PhD inBusiness EconomicsNot Uploded
1607915 Multivariate statistical analysis (3 Cr)PhD inBusiness EconomicsNot Uploded
1607916 Uncertainty in Economics (3 Cr)PhD inBusiness EconomicsNot Uploded
1607917 Financial Econometrics (3 Cr)PhD inBusiness EconomicsNot Uploded
1607918 Game theory and its economic applications (3 Cr)PhD inBusiness EconomicsNot Uploded
1607919 Advanced topics in Econometrics (3 Cr)PhD inBusiness EconomicsNot Uploded
16707903 International Economics (3 Cr)PhD inBusiness EconomicsNot Uploded

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