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Department Strategy


Our vision is that the Department of Public Administration will remain the leading public administration department in Jordan, committed to providing an environment of academic rigor and excellence, will continue to provide graduate and undergraduate courses that enable students to acquire a strong foundation of knowledge and skills in the areas of analysis, decision making, and communication, and to continually improve the quality of services provided to the community.


The mission of the Department of Public Administration is to prepare students to assume public, non-profit, or business careers in order to contribute to the welfare of our society.


1. Enhance the existing curricula for undergraduate and graduate programs that aim to place Public Management students in advanced positions in comparison with graduates from other universities and institutions, locally and regionally.

2. Continuously improve in order to reach academic excellence, both in undergraduate and graduate programs.

3. The Department is in the process of developing a Ph.D. program in Public Management and its different disciplines in cooperation with other universities at the local and international level.

4. Work toward ingraining national loyalty, patriotism, and national pride in our students.

5. Work toward the implementation of comprehensive quality assurance in the academic courses.

6. Work toward ensuring a safe and stable academic environment in the Department.

7. Develop an academic advisory system for students in the Department to address their academic and social issues.

8. Regularly review and upgrade the curriculum to reflect new developments and change in the field of public management