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Department Strategy


The vision of the Department of Business Administration is to prepare the future leaders of the next generation by equipping them with all the necessary skills and tools to help better the world of academia and business.


To equip the national economy with highly qualified human resources who can make an important contribution towards the development of the country's economic performance and national competitiveness. in addition to establishing and maintaining strong strategic partnerships with the local, regional, and international business sectors to mutually serve the academic and development objectives of the University and its stakeholders.


1- Provide the student with the theoretical and practical knowledge in the field of business administration in accordance with the needs of labor market.
2- Equip the students with the basic skills in all aspects of business administration.
3- Provide the students with the knowledge and required skills that enable them to conduct scientific research when pursuing their higher education.
4- Encourage and support scientific research in all aspects of business administration at both the faculty’s and students’ levels.
5- Build the scientific abilities of students in a manner that enable them to face challenges in business environments.
6- Develop the skills of students in all aspects related to problems analysis, teamwork, innovative and creative thinking.
7- Prepare the students to work in production and service institutions at both the public and private sectors.
8- Provide the students with the needed skills for self-learning in order to provide them with future knowledge and practical advantage in business administration.
9- Participate in serving the local community through giving scientific consultations.
10- Strengthen the relationship with the stakeholders in the private sector and explore their needs in order to enable them to address the changes and developments they encounter.
11- Develop the scientific abilities and capabilities of the department in accordance to its mission and vision to cope with the scientific advancements in the field of specialization.