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Department Strategy


The Department of Economics aspires to be among the leading departments at local, regional, and global levels by upholding high standards of academic teaching and research performance, respecting students and providing them with quality education and training, maintaining a healthy work environment for students and staff, interacting with society, and sustaining continuous improvement and innovation.


The mission of the Department of Economics is ultimately to support the missions of the University of Jordan by providing quality instruction and training to Bachelor's, Master's, and PhD candidates to prepare them for successful careers; engaging in scholarly research activity to maintain academic participation and advance knowledge in the field of economics; and providing service to the University and the society at large.


1. Provide students with the knowledge related to economic theories in micro and macro economics
2. The development of students' ability to how to find the information and economic Indicators and analyzed using different tools
3. The development of students' abilities to solve the economic problems using contemporary methods of economic analysis.
4. Rehabilitation of the students to familiarize themselves with all aspects of applied economics.
5. Prepare graduates a great deal of knowledge of the skills and knowledge of economic and information around them