Bachelor of Management Information Systems / Program Intended Learning Outcomes

Upon completing Bachelor in Management Information Systems, the student should be able to:
1-Examine basic theories of business, management, and information systems by describing related facts and ideas.
2-Describe research methodologies and tools and apply the steps involved in preparing information systems scientific research proposal.
3-Discover opportunities for business and government organizations by identifying competitive advantages using information systems.
4-Identify and assess ethical, legal, security, managerial, and professional issues related to the use of emerging technologies in business and government organizations.
5-Analyze, design, and implement business data, information, systems, and knowledge.
6-Develop and evaluate Information technology systems, solutions and strategies.
7-Use information systems and databases to retrieve relevant data in order to generate knowledge and support decision making in organizations.
8-Apply critical thinking, collaboration, teamwork, and communication skills to produce clearly written and concise information systems analyses and deliver clear, well organized, and persuasive oral presentations.
9-Assume the assigned responsibilities of an information systems specialist and function within the community set of values and ethics.