Bachelor OF Accounting / Program Intended Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of Bachelor in Accounting the students should be able to:
1- Evaluate the accounting role in business organizations and society, and explain the main foundations in the primary areas of the accounting discipline from both a local and global perspectives.
2- Work within teams across different accounting and management levels inside and outside the organization.
3- Identify ethical issues in accounting context and critically discuss ethical reasoning to an accounting and business circumstances.
4- Utilize applicable theories from accounting to research and analyze contemporary issues in accounting and relate fields where appropriate.
 5- Apply a range of mastered skills including; principles of scientific research in accounting, leadership and direction skills appropriate to the context of accounting, and prepare oral presentation to professional standards.
6- Utilize critical thinking and problem solving to analyze business environment and provide relevant business alternatives.
7- Adhere to International Accounting Standards (IAS/IFRSs) to prepare financial statements for different business organizations, and inspect the financial statements based on International Standards on Auditing (ISAs).  
8- Adapt appropriate technologies and accounting techniques to collect and analyze information to conclude appropriate solutions for accounting problems
9- Develop oral and written communication skills using appropriate technologies to elaborate accounting information and financial reports.