Bachelor of Public Administration / Program Intended Learning Outcomes

Upon completing Bachelor degree in Public Administration PA, the students should be able to:
1. Recognize and identify public sector contexts, management hierarchy and organizational behaviors, and to understand the legislative as well as regulatory aspects of the PA.
2. Identify and discuss the different aspects of public budgets and budgeting, and fiscal policies management.
3. Analyze different social, economic and development issues within a PA environment.
4. Demonstrate depth understanding of underlying theories of PA and to, demonstrate a deep knowledge of its concepts in order to apply them on problems and scenarios based on real cases.
5. Identify and analyze supervisory and leadership behaviors in PA, and consider the ethical implications of PA. In addition to demonstrate the effective leadership and teamwork styles this could lead to provide a high quality services.
6. Apply effectively teamwork and leadership qualities in creating a productive work environment and to show effective communication skills.
7. Analyze methods of securing public funds, and to identify techniques used by government in managing public funds.
8. Adhere to contemporary concepts such as globalization, crises management, domestic product, markets, national income, international trade, and economic development.
9. Identify the main principles and practices of total quality management and the use of Information Technology in PA (electronic governments).
10. Gain skills of critical thinking and problem solving in PA & providing scholars with effective scientific research skills and methodologies to conclude a solid infrastructure to solve problems and making decisions as potential management. Practitioners.
11. Use information and communication technology to access databases and international information to develop knowledge, skills, and to generate new knowledge in Public Administration field.
12. Bear the assigned responsibilities as a specialist and function within the community set of values and ethics