Bachelor of Business Management / Program Intended Learning Outcomes

At the successful completion of the Bachelor program of Business administration the student should be able to:
1- Examine the main concepts, principles and theories associated with business management and discuss a substantial body of subject-based knowledge of business.
2- Apply problem solving, critical thinking and decision making skills to solve problems related to business management and recommend further actions.
3- Demonstrate Analysis and strategic planning skills and optimal utilization of human resources skills.
4- Illustrate quantitative and qualitative skills related to operations, quality, project, and supply chain management.
5- Value scientific research related to business management and demonstrate statistical analysis skills.
6- Develop intellectual and transferrable personal and communication skills applicable to further study and careers.
7- Utilize information and communication technology to access and analyze databases and international information to develop knowledge, skills, and to generate new knowledge in business management field.
8- Value the assigned responsibilities as a specialist and function within the community set of values and ethics.
9- Design a clearly written, concise business model analyses, and deliver clear, well organized, persuasive oral presentations.