A Workshop on Blended Learning was held Under the Patronage of the Dean of the School of Business,Prof. Haddad

“Student Experiences in Blended Learning” a Workshop held by Students at the Department of Finance
Under the patronage of the dean of the Business School, Prof. Fayez Haddad, students at the School of Business’ Department of Finance held a workshop on “Student Experiences in Blended Learning”. Through this workshop students presented their own experiences in blended learning and offered their suggestions to improve this teaching program.During the Fall Term 2018/2019, the Department of Finance offered two courses that applied blended learning. Dr. Tayem, the organizer of this workshop, said that this workshop aimed to introduce both faculty members and students to this new teaching program from student perspectives. She also suggested that through this workshop new faculty and students will be exposed to the procedures, aims of and difficulties in applying blended learning.The trainers in the workshop presented the minute to minute procedures of blended learning from a student perspective including how to access the online material, submit home works, set for quizzes and participate in forums. In addition, they argued that blended learning was helpful in terms of strengthening their academic skills such as self-learning, critical thinking and teamwork by showing practical examples. Also, they presented some of the difficulties that they faced in dealing with the elearning system and suggested alternatives and solutions.In addition, part of the workshop was dedicated to the Erasmus Plus program, another program held by the University of Jordan in partnership with the EU, that aims to enhance student skills through student exchange. Previous alumni discussed the requirements, application, funding and benefits of this program. Finally, a QA session was held to answer queries and questions of participants.