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collapse Course Level : Bachelor
Course TitleProgramCourse Outline
1604201 Principles of MarketingBachelor of Marketing
updated Syllabus POM- sat.pdf    
1604213 Consumer Behavior Bachelor of Marketing
updated Syllabus CB sat.pdf    
1604303 Marketing of AgricultureBachelor of Marketing
Syllabus AGRI (2) (1).pdf    
1604313 New Products development Bachelor of Marketing
Syllabus NPD (2).pdf    
1604314 Personal SellingBachelor of Marketing
first semester personal selling e-Syllabus ENglish.pdf    
1604316 Brand Management Bachelor of Marketing
branding Syllabus (1).pdf    
1604317 Marketing ResearchBachelor of Marketing
Marketing research Syllabus (1) (2).pdf    
1604318 Health and Pharmaceutical MarketingBachelor of Marketing
Syllabus Pharmaceutical marketing 2021-2022.pdf    
1604325 Promotion Bachelor of Marketing
promotion Syllabus (1).pdf    
1604334 Marketing of TourismBachelor of Marketing
Tourism Marketing Syllabus (1).pdf    
1604336 Financial MarketingBachelor of Marketing
Financial Service Marketing.pdf    
1604341 International MarketingBachelor of Marketing
E-Syllabus EN 1-international.pdf    
1604344 Marketing Channels ManagementBachelor of Marketing
Marketing Channels Syllabus s1 2021-2022 - updated.pdf    
1604346 Retailing Management Bachelor of Marketing
1604350 Marketing EthicsBachelor of Marketing
Syllabus ETHICS EN (1) (1).pdf    
1604404 Marketing ManagementBachelor of Marketing
marketing management.pdf    
1604405 Marketing Strategy Bachelor of Marketing
Marketing Strategy course S1 2021-2022 - Updated.pdf    
1604406 Relationship MarketingBachelor of Marketing
Syllabus CRM EN (1) (1).pdf    
1604422 Application in Advertising Bachelor of Marketing
Syllabus Advertising (2).pdf    
1604429 Sales Management Bachelor of Marketing
Syllabus sales management 2021-2022.pdf    
1604430 Pricing PoliciesBachelor of Marketing
JUBS Course Syllabus Pricing.pdf    
1604431 Services MarketingBachelor of Marketing
Services Marketing Syllabus.pdf    
1604441 Business Marketing Bachelor of Marketing
B2B Syllabus s1 2021-2022 updated.pdf    
1604443 Public RelationsBachelor of Marketing
Public Relations Syllabus (1).pdf    
1604444 Database marketingBachelor of Marketing Not Uploded
1604445 Contemporary Issues in Marketing Bachelor of Marketing
Contemparary issues Syllabus 2021.2022.pdf    
Digital Marketing 1604315Bachelor of Marketing
Syllabus Digital Marketing (2).pdf    
collapse Course Level : Master
Course TitleProgramCourse Outline
1604703 Advanced Marketing ManagementMaster In Business Administration/ Marketing Specialization *
Syllabus Marketing Managment Master (2).pdf    
1604723 Consumer BehaviorMaster In Business Administration/ Marketing Specialization *
Consumer Behaviour MBA.pdf    
1604724 International Marketing Master In Business Administration/ Marketing Specialization *Not Uploded
1604725 Marketing strategyMaster In Business Administration/ Marketing Specialization *
strategic management masters Syllabus.pdf    
1604726 Service MarketingMaster In Business Administration/ Marketing Specialization *
service marketing MBA.pdf    
1604727 Promotion ManagementMaster In Business Administration/ Marketing Specialization *
promotion masters Syllabus.pdf    
1604782 Marketing Research Master In Business Administration/ Marketing Specialization *
marketing research MBA.pdf    
Selected Topics in MarketingMaster In Business Administration/ Marketing Specialization *
special topics in marketing.pdf    

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