Department's Courses
collapse Course Level : Bachelor
Course TitleProgramCourse Outline
1603211 Principles of Financial Management Bachelor of Finance
1603211 Bank_Management.pdf    
1603301 Research Methods in FinanceBachelor of Finance
1603301 Research Methods in Finance.pdf    
1603311 Financial AnalysisBachelor of Finance
Syllabus_ 1603311_Financial Analysis.pdf    
1603315 Entrepreneurship in FinanceBachelor of Finance
1603315 Entrepreneurial Finance.pdf    
1603322 Investments Management Bachelor of Finance
1603322 Investment Management.pdf    
1603332 MicrofinanceBachelor of Finance
1603332 Microfinance.pdf    
1603333 Bank ManagementBachelor of Finance
Syllabus_1603333_Banking Management.pdf    
1603342 Principles of InsuranceBachelor of Finance
Principles of Insurance_Syllabus_1603342.pdf    
1603413 Corporate FinanceBachelor of Finance
1603413 Corporate Finance.pdf    
1603415 International Financial ManagementBachelor of Finance
1603415 International Financial Management.pdf    
1603416 Financial Planning and ControllingBachelor of Finance
1603416 Financial Planning and Controlling.pdf    
1603422 Islamic BanksBachelor of Finance
1603422 Islamic Banks.pdf    
1603425 Portfolio ManagementBachelor of Finance
1603425 Portfolio Management .pdf    
1603431 Advanced Bank ManagementBachelor of Finance
1603431 Advanced_Banking.pdf    
1603432 Financial MarketBachelor of Finance
1603432 Financial Markets.pdf    
1603442 Financial InstitutionsBachelor of Finance
1603442 Financial Institutions Management.pdf    
1603443 Financial DerivativesBachelor of Finance
1603443 Derivatives.pdf    
1603444 Risk ManagementBachelor of Finance
1603444 Risk management.pdf    
1603445 International Investment Bachelor of Finance
1603445 International Investment.pdf    
1603450 Contemporary Issues in FinanceBachelor of Finance
1603450 Contemporary_Issues.pdf    
collapse Course Level : Master
Course TitleProgramCourse Outline
1603704- Financial ManagementMaster of Finance MBA
1603704 Financial Management.pdf    
1603706 Corporate GovernanceMaster of Finance MBA
1603706 Corporate Governance.pdf    
1603731 International Financial ManagementMaster of Finance MBA
1603731 International Financial Management.pdf    
1603733 Portfolio TheoryMaster of Finance MBA
1603733 Portfolio Theory.pdf    

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