Department's Courses
collapse Course Level : Bachelor
Course TitleProgramCourse Outline
1602101 Accounting Principles (1)Bachelor OF Accounting
1602101 Accounting Principles (1).pdf    
1602102 Accounting Principles (2)Bachelor OF Accounting
description accounting2 (1602102)new.pdf    
1602201 Intermediate Accounting (1)Bachelor OF Accounting
description Intermediate Accounting 1(1602201).pdf    
1602202 Intermediate Accounting (2)Bachelor OF Accounting
1602202 Intermediate Accounting 2.pdf    
1602211 Managerial AccountingBachelor OF Accounting
1602211 Managerial Accounting.pdf    
1602214 Scientific Methodology in AccountingBachelor OF Accounting
1602214 Scientific Research Methods.pdf    
1602304 Accounting For CompaniesBachelor OF Accounting
Description Corporate Accounting 1602304.pdf    
1602311 Auditing (1)Bachelor OF Accounting
description Audit 1(1602311).pdf    
1602314 Cost AccountingBachelor OF Accounting
description Cost Accounting(1602314) new.pdf    
1602315 Auditing (2)Bachelor OF Accounting
1602315 Audit 2.pdf    
1602331 Governmental AccountingBachelor OF Accounting
1602331 Governmental Accounting.pdf    
1602333 Accounting Information SystemsBachelor OF Accounting
description Accounting Information Systems(1602333).pdf    
1602334 Accounting for Financial InstitutionsBachelor OF Accounting
description Financial Institutions (1602334).pdf    
1602335 Accounting Computer ApplicationsBachelor OF Accounting
Computer lication1602335.pdf    
1602401 Advanced AccountingBachelor OF Accounting
1602401 Advanced Accounting.pdf    
1602423 International AccountingBachelor OF Accounting
Description International Accounting 1602423.pdf    
1602424 Financial Accounting TheoryBachelor OF Accounting
description Financial Accountihg Theory(1602424).pdf    
1602425 International Accounting StandardsBachelor OF Accounting
1602425 International Accounting Standards.pdf    
1602426 Research Seminar in AccountingBachelor OF Accounting Not Uploded
1602427 Financial Statements AnalysisBachelor OF Accounting
description Financial Statement Analysis(1602427).pdf    
1602431 Accounting for TaxationBachelor OF Accounting
description Tax Accountihg)1602431).pdf    
1602432 Islamic AccountingBachelor OF Accounting
description Islamic Accounting (1602432).pdf    
collapse Course Level : Master
Course TitleProgramCourse Outline
1602726 Advanced Auditing Master in Business Administration (MBA)Accounting
1602726 Advanced Auditing.pdf    
1602729 International Accounting StandardsMaster of Accounting (MA)
1602729 International Accounting Standards.pdf    
1602731 International Accounting Master of Accounting (MA)
1602731 International Accounting.pdf    
Accounting for Taxation 1602727Master of Accounting (MA) Not Uploded
Accounting Information Systems 1602721Master of Accounting (MA)
Accounting Information Systems(1602721).pdf    
Accounting Theory 1602722Master of Accounting (MA)
Accounting Theory(1602722).pdf    
Auditing 1602726Master of Accounting (MA)
1602726 Advanced Auditing.pdf    
Research Methodologies in Accounting 1602710Master of Accounting (MA)
1602710 Research Methods in Accounting.pdf    

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